Forest Hill Fashion SE23

A developing project aimed at turning Forest Hill SE23 into a Fashion Magnet, by promoting and developing the existing fashion provision, attracting new boutiques and designer-makers and providing small-scale manufacturing facilities and training. This is a legacy project from SEE3′s Forest Hill Fashion Week, which was created to promote one of The Shop Revolution’s pop up shops.

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Sydenham Town Centre

Sydenham’s business website, allowing all shops and businesses to have a page that they can update themselves, with technical assistance as required. This facilitates a department store approach to town promotion, where seasonal events can be promoted across the entire site.


The  Shop Revolution aims to attract exciting and vital new businesses to our high streets by allowing them to trial their ideas without the commitment of a long-term contract. Our networking with landlords and businesses (mainly in SE26 and SE23, currently) creates a match-making environment and brings new approaches and opportunities to both the landlords and the tenants.

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