Yeah, I’ve no idea what this website is for, yet. If I write enough stuff, maybe it will become clear. If I wait for my content to be perfect and joined-up, it will definitely never happen – so I have to suffer through…this.

Mostly it will be about ecosystems (nature, business, personal, political), power/energy (personal), storycraft and AI. I love AI. It’s like having six brains.

At the very least, this will force me to organise my overstuffed brain into discrete topics so that when people ask me to explain my reasoning, my entire mind doesn’t try to come out the door all at once, making me sound like an idiot. Hallo, fellow INTJs.

There’s nothing on sale here. There may never be. Let’s see how it goes.

9 Oct 2023 – FIRST UP: one of my random storycraft systems ideas. Soon.